Therapeutic and Reconstructive Care

Therapeutic and Reconstructive Care

When tooth decay, tooth loss and gum disease have not been prevented, many patients need periodontal therapy and/or reconstruction of the damaged or lost teeth. Periodontal therapy can be non-surgical or may require surgical procedures to regain optimal health.

Reconstructive care could include simple restorations implants, crowns or fixed bridges, removable partials, or complete dentures.

Tryon Family Dentistry will customize your therapeutic and reconstructive care. Each patient has specific challenges and reason why they are experiencing periodontal diseases and various dental conditions.

We provide you with clear communication about your conditions and help you choose the best solutions for your needs and values.

Mild to moderate periodontal disease can usually be controlled without surgical procedures. Our Hygienists are well trained in various methods to remove deep calculous and plane the infected root surfaces. While it might seem like they are “just cleaning your teeth”, therapeutic scaling and root planning is usually done with the aid of local anesthetics and requires a great deal of effort and expertise on the part of the hygienist providing your care. Your hygienist and dentist will also be following up on your progress after the therapy to recommend the ideal preventive care and schedule to maintain your dental health. It is important to know Periodontal disease cannot be cured.  Thankfully, we can stop its progression in most patients with appropriate preventive care with your hygienist combined with excellent at home self-care routines.

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Moderate to advanced periodontal conditions often require surgical intervention as part of the therapeutic approach. Tryon Family dentistry uses both laser and traditional surgical procedures in conjunction with the non-surgical scaling and root planning. In addition, we use medical grade bone grafting materials and membrane barriers, often combined with your own blood products to aid in guided healing and regeneration of damaged or lost bone and soft tissue attachment.


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Today, what patients refer to as “fillings” can be both very aesthetic and strong.  Patients are often surprised to learn we can bond a tooth to make it stronger when we see cracks forming around old metal fillings.  Replacing failing metal restorations can help prevent the need to crown, treat with root canals or extract broken teeth.  Beautiful, tooth color matched, strong, and painless restorations with Ceramic Composite materials can be both a reconstructive and preventive approach for patients with a history of multiple fillings.

Often, a tooth is so compromised structurally, a crown must be placed to restore function.  Fixed crowns can also hold in a missing tooth when the situation lends itself to this type of restorative approach. Sadly, most patients are not aware of the vast difference in the quality of the materials and the artistry of different lab and methods of creating crowns and bridgework for our patients. Tryon Family Dentistry uses one of the best dental laboratories in the country. Your crowns and bridges will not only be beautiful and fit well, but they will also be strong and long lasting. Material selection and standard of care matter more than ever with these types of restorative procedures.

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Patients might find a removable appliance is better for their personal needs. Many situations are best served with a removable appliance. However, this is an area of dentistry where patients will find they get what they pay for. We can provide removable restorations for much less than fixed crowns and bridges, while still providing a beautiful and functional appliance. It really does not matter how good something looks or how cheap you got it if you cannot eat and speak when you use it. Sometimes, to achieve satisfactory removable restorative care, we need to make a new or different type of appliance or help stabilize it with implant placements. We make every effort to meet your needs with the best options for your specific situation. In addition, we can combine fixed crowns and implants with removable precision appliances to solve functional or esthetic challenges.

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